Series W11 3-Roller Plate Rolling Machine
  Series Hydraulic Upper Roller Universal Rolling Machine
  series of non-standard Universal roll bender
  Large-sizew upper-roller universal plate bending roll
  Slitting, Cut-to-length, Roll Forming Lines
  Series truck crane
  Series WC67Y hydraulic shears
  Series Q11 Shearing Machine
  parts Series
  Universal Marine roll bender
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  Located in Huantai County, which is famous for its construction industry, Zibo JiuJiu Machinery Co.,Ltd is close to the national highway No. 205. With a good geographic position, the enterprise boasts of convenient transportation.Our company¨s original name is Zibo Xinhui company and Zibo Yuzhu Hoisting machine factory.
  The enterprise is engaged in product development, design, manufacturing, and marketing. Its main products are Xinhui brand XH series bending machine, light-duty hoisting machine, and small excavator. The products are feasible and compact in structure; are highly efficient and low-cost. They fill up the gap of domestic excavator industry.
  With the reform and opening of China, the enterprise stipulates its management principle of surviving by quality products and developing by reputation. The most advanced oil-less bearing is used in the newly developed products, which have a longer service life and meet the advanced world standard. Under strict control of hardening and tempering heat treatment, and grinding of parts and components, the performance and durability of products are greatly improved. International quality system ISO9001 was approved in March 2002.
  The enterprise was established under the approval of the provincial technical supervision sector and registered brand Xinhui in the State Bureau of Commerce and Industry. To provide customers with better services and to promote sales, the products of the enterprise has been insured in the China Pacific Ocean Insurance Company for quality, which greatly reduces the risks of any possible losses of purchasing and using the products. The knockout system of Xinhui brand mechanical hoisting machine has been patented with the patented number 01236880.6.





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