Series W11 3-Roller Plate Rolling Machine
  Series Hydraulic Upper Roller Universal Rolling Machine
  series of non-standard Universal roll bender
  Large-sizew upper-roller universal plate bending roll
  Slitting, Cut-to-length, Roll Forming Lines
  Series truck crane
  Series WC67Y hydraulic shears
  Series Q11 Shearing Machine
  parts Series
  Universal Marine roll bender
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  To meet the challenge of entry into WTO, the enterprise will develop hoisting machine with remote controler to make its products advanced in the industry. One slight press on the remote control within 100 meters will make it run. It will be labor-saving and improve the operation safety. The remote emitter is anti-jamming and radiation hardening.

  The self-developed hydraulic booster system will be used in the excavator to reduce the labor intensity of excavator diver and to improve operating efficiency.

  Mr. Zhang Jinagang, director of the factory, will work with all staffs to provide customers quality products and sound services, and to create a brighter new century.

  Jiujiu products lead you to the successful way.
  Jiujiu products make you become well-off.

Remote controller under development, which can control operation of hoisting machine remotely
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