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  series of non-standard Universal roll bender
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series of non-standard Universal roll bender
¡¡¡¡The operational principle of YZFB hydrauIiC pressure pIate bending rolls is simiIar to that of W11 three-roIIer hydraulic pressure pIate bending rolls£¬However, the structures of them are different£®YZFB bending machine is easier to be moved£®suitabIe for small production£¬and can produce on site£®The machine has higher efficiency than automatic-manuaI bending machine£®The Iabor intensity of the worker is low£®Specification can be provided£ºsheet within the thickness of 3¡ª25mm and the length of 3mm.
¡¡¡¡ YZS automatic¡ª¡ªmanual plate bending rolls is of three¡ª¡ªroller symmetric type.The upper roller move up and down,and complete by adjustment of lead screw and nuts£®It is easy to be moved£¬with compact structure,easy operation and maintenance£®Specification can be provided£ºsheet within the thickness of 3¡ª1 6mm and the 1ength of 3mm.
¡¡¡¡The structure of vertical four-roller plate bending rolls is of four rollers£®The lower roller is main drive . The upper roller moves up and down to clamp sheet£®The side rollet does horizontal movement through the engagement of lower¡ªroller gear and upper¡ªroller gear. Under the side roller,the supporting roller has dual functions of pre¡ªspring and rolling circle£¬the structure of which is compact,and suitable to produce sheet with the same specification in bulk£®
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